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I Can Help You Survive Trauma and Stress!

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I founded the Never Give Up Institute to help you understand how unresolved stress and trauma can cause
illness, increase financial difficulty, and keep you from living
a meaningful life.

Why? Because you deserve more!

Welcome to a paradigm shift in how we view our health and how to make the necessary changes to control our healthcare costs.

Who Am I?

  • I am a multi-trauma survivor
  • I am committed to helping trauma survivors take back their mind, body, and spirit health
  • I created the T.R.U.T.H. Program (The Road to Unresolved Trauma Healing)
  • I wrote the books:

Never Give Up: Break the Connection Between Stress and Illness
Winner of the Living Now/Evergreen Gold Medal Award in 2018
for books that change people’s lives

The Bear: In the Middle of Between (Fiction)

  • I am a certified facilitator in the Renewing Life Program

 Offered by Pathways a Healing Center in Minneapolis, MN

  • I am a frequent speaker at conferences and events:

Hennepin County Cancer Center; American Cancer Society; The Ostomy Association
of the  Minneapolis Area (OAMA); St. Thomas University; The National Alliance on Mental Illness  (NAMI); The American Diabetes Association

  • I have written and published:

12 articles in Sybil Magazine

  • The Truth Behind Trauma Healing E-books:

 Tools for Healing Emotional Wounds from Illness

 Tools for Healing Emotional Wounds from Sexual Abuse

 Tools for Healing Emotional Wounds from Stress & Violence

 Tools for Healing Emotional Wounds In Our Lives

  •  White Papers:

 Telling the Truth: The Hidden Health Care Costs of Trauma Survival

The Costly Link between Stress and Illness

My Website

The information found on this website includes wellness tools for you to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit; heal from stress and trauma; and improve the quality of your life. See My Private Policy Statement.

Alexis Acker-Halbur
Award Winning Author | Survivor | Medical Miracle
5725 Willow Trail
Shoreview, MN 55126



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