A Letter to Republicans

Dear Republican Senate, House, and Governors:

You all killing me, literally! In fact, your killing hundreds and thousands of people – many of whom elected you. Your response to COVID-19 has devastated all of us living in the U.S. You do nothing to stem the flow of this pandemic and treat it like a flu. It’s not a flu, it’s a deadly virus causing suffering and grief for us all, and you do nothing to help us.

You are a disgrace to our democracy!

I know your inactive response is due to your fear of the biggest bully of our time. You’re afraid to stand up against Trump because you fear he’ll bash you on Twitter. You should be more concerned that the people who voted for you are dead or dying. How are you going to pay back all the deaths and grief you have caused against humanity?

You are hiding behind lies and misinformation. Your disregard for the citizens of our nation is appalling. And all the while you think you are doing the right thing for us. Don’t fool yourselves, you are all failures led by a president who only loves himself. What about “We the people…” and your loyalty and commitment to keep this nation safe?

You are traitors!

I know this blog post won’t change your scandalous reign. You’ll continue to foster conspiracies about voter fraud. Trump lost the election period. There is no sign of corrupt voting, there is only signs of your unwillingness to confront a malicious president. Are you working for him or us?

History will prove how inept you are. The great divide of the U.S. is your doing. You will be remembered at creating a dictator like Putin, Stalin, and Mussolini. No history won’t look kindly on you. The truth will emerge and you will be seen as too weak to confront a monster. Future generations will see what you did and how you manipulated our Constitution.

Stalling the transition to the president-elect team is the same as Putin making himself the ruler of Russia this year. I wonder how you sleep at night. Trump is a bully and he has made bullies out of all of you. Is this how you want to be remembered?

Your legacies will be fraught with lies, cover-ups, and heinous acts.

I have faith that you all will be replaced with kinder, gentler souls who care about us and our future. I have lost faith in you and will never ever vote for the repugnant Republican party.

This past election I voted for balance, harmony, and grace. All the things you are not!


Alexis Acker-Halbur is an award-winning author and medical miracle. Child abuse made her seriously ill and put her in harm’s way many times. She survived and shares her experiences and tools with women and men who have been traumatized. To order her book, Never Give Up: Break the Connection Between Stress and Illnessclick here, or her newly published fictional novel, THE BEAR: In the Middle of Between click here.