August Issue

My Healing Toolbox

by Alexis Acker-Halbur

In the best of times I am healthy and happy. In the worst of times, especially during illness and trauma, I use my survival toolbox. I have over a hundred effective tools that help me heal from depression and toxic thoughts. Here are three of my favorites tools:

Music. Music is important to me, so I stop what I’m doing and listen to the songs that heal me. The music I listen to directly affects my mind, body, and spirit. Songs can calm me down or perk me up. Some of my go-to songs include “Adagio,” from the Secret Garden; “How Could Anyone” by Shaina Noll; and “Almost a Whisper” by Yanni. I listen to these phenomenal songs when my past trauma is triggered. By listening carefully to the lyrics and notes, I can stop the downward spiral. I also found that certain musical notes open my chakras, which are seven key points in the body that are vortexes of energy. When energy is blocked in a chakra, this blockage can lead to illness. When my chakras are open, energy flows through me and strengthens my immune system. Listening to music is a great mood enhancer and stress reliever.

Friends. Friends are like lighthouses to me. Their beacons guide me through dark times, their light steer me straight in a storm, their foghorns focus me when waves of misery overwhelm me, and their eyes shine through my tears when rain engulfs me. Each friend loves me unconditionally and I love them unconditionally in return. My friends are my rocks because they give me a solid foundation and support me in endeavors I am pursuing. Finding a worthy friend takes a lot of trust and self-disclosure, so I am fortunate and blessed to have many dear friends.

Angels. I have always believed in angels. When I was a child, I often imagined that my angels were right beside me while I was being abused. My angels could not stop the abuse, but they held me in their arms while I cried. I have diabetes and sometimes my blood sugar level drops during the night causing an insulin reaction. I am very disoriented when this happens. One night, I remember opening my eyes and seeing a woman with long black hair and a white gown. She told me, “Get up and go into the kitchen to drink some orange juice.” On my way back to bed, my roommate called to me from her bedroom, “Are you okay?” She then proceeded to tell me that a woman with long black hair and a white gown told her, “Get up and help Alex.” I was so shocked to hear that my roommate saw her, too. I will never forget that night. Angels are in my toolbox because they love, assist, and protect me.

These three favorite tools keep me healthy and happy in the best of times and hold me tight through the worst of times. I am so grateful for my survival tools.

Never give up!!!