July Issue

Restoring My Spirit
by Alexis Acker-Halbur, President and Founder of the Never Give Up Institute

The last missing piece of my healing from trauma was to include the spirit in my process. I thought if I could heal my body and mind of all my medical issues, I would be healthier – but I was wrong. This important mind, body and spirit connection needs to work in harmony to bring balance to my life. At first, I did not understand why the spirit was important. Then I created this analogy: my spirit is like the gas needed to run my car. The car model (body) and the engine (mind) won’t work unless my car has gas (spirit). If the body or mind are damaged, the fuel (spirit) cannot help it run. I need all three to be physically, emotionally, and psychologically healthy. In my past articles I explained how to heal the mind and body. Now, I want to focus on the spirit.

What is the spirit? Spirit is the raw life force energy that revs me up and makes me go. Spirit is an essential part of my human nature – and without it – I would cease to exist. Many people use this raw life force energy to better themselves. When my spirit is near empty, I feel depressed, have feelings of emptiness, and lack motivation. My aches and pains seem to be more bothersome and cause sleep problems. These important signs tell me that I need refuel for my spirit.

What kind of fuel does my spirit need? Because no mind, body, and spirit are the same, I needed to find fuel that works specifically for me. Gone are the days of indulging in comfort food – like peanuts and popcorn, and reckless behavior. Now, I know that eating a home cooked meal with vegetables and fruit is something my spirit craves. My spirit also craves daily meditation, silently sitting by a lake, drinking clear and clean water, and spending time with positive friends. I try to avoid the toxic triggers in my life that cause me anxiety, such as watching TV news, being in crowds, and driving when I am distracted.

The most amazing discovery about my spirit is that it runs exceptionally well on truth. When I was a child, I lied to get what I wanted or to get out of trouble. I look at all the harm lying cost me in my early years, and I am profoundly ashamed. Did lying help me get all the things I wanted? No. Did lying get me in trouble? Yes, lots of times. When I began therapy as a young woman, I learned how lying made my spirit sick – along with my mind and body. Telling the truth healed my spirit.

To restore my spirit, I tell the truth to enhance my abilities to live a full life – a life with purpose. I also focus on what my body craves and avoid toxic sparks. To heal from trauma, I need to restore my spirit in addition to healing my body and mind.

What fuel do you use to keep your spirit going? I’d love to hear your fuel ideas. Please comment below so I can share your response with my readers.

Never Give Up!