Time’s Up!

The recent plea for Oprah Winfrey to run for president in 2020 is an insightful look into how we, as Americans, are so hungry for a president who can communicate clearly and without blame or shame. Someone who will raise us up in difficult times and voice our current state of dismay. Oprah’s words at the Golden Globes last Sunday night were more than inspiring — they need to be shared across our country. We NEED to hear that “Time’s Up” on sexual assault and harassment. No more secrecy, let’s bring those who prey on women, girls, and boys to justice!

But it takes more than words to eliminate the crimes of powerful people. It takes a movement where we join our hands together in solidarity and shout out that it’s not okay to hurt others. It’s time for us to vote for politicians who are outraged by the disarray of our country. Politicians who believe in women’s stories and a justice system who punishes criminals and not victims. The #metoo movement has started but we need to keep it going. We need to be LOUD to make our voices heard. And we must stop electing politicians who have dark and evil private lives.

I HATE listening to the news, I HATE reading the newspaper, and I HATE watching TV where women are called “ineffective,” “liars,” and “whores.” It’s time for men to stop hating women for the gifts we bring to our country and our world. Name calling and sexual harassment are not ways to achieve respect and dignity. They are only ways to lose it.

I say this to power-hungry men: you don’t own me, you can’t tell me how to dress or how to act, you can’t say I must be silent, you can’t touch my body anytime you want, you have no control over my life, you have no right to spit in my face, you have no authority to tell me who I can marry, and, most of all, YOU ARE NOT GOD!

I just had to say this because “it’s time!”

Never, ever give up.

Alexis Acker-Halbur

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How to Vote Without Vomiting

think-1704831_1280I’ve stayed away from using my website as a political venue due to the ugliness in the 2016 presidential campaign. In fact, I can’t believe I’m being forced to admit that I’ve had enough! I’ve had enough of the fear-mongers, the liars, and the pundits (those who believe they know everything). I’m a good American citizen and I can’t believe what’s being showcased in our media. Whatever happened to decency and respect? As a victim of sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse — because I’m a woman — when someone talks about my p_ _ sy  (in a bad way) I say ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

Donald Trump needs to have his mouth washed out with soap! Doesn’t he realize that he is an abuser by saying and doing evil things to all of us? Saying that it’s okay to grope women because he’s a star is so unreal and evil I can hardly prevent myself from throwing up. Words can hurt so many people AND can trigger nightmares for abuse and trauma survivors. Does he care that his speeches make us sick? The man has no clue.

Here’s a list of red flags Donald Trump has that makes him a sociopath:

  • He has an inflated, oversized ego.
  • He lies to see if he can trick people.
  • He has no sense of empathy.
  • He shows no remorse or shame.
  • He behaves irresponsibly and impulsively.
  • He has no friends unless he needs them.
  • He breaks laws because he doesn’t believe society’s rules apply to him.

He makes me sick — and I HATE to vomit. These are just a few of the reasons I can’t and won’t vote for him.

Think wisely before you vote during this election. But DO VOTE! Let’s show the world that we will not be intimidated by a sociopathic bully.

I’ll never give up the belief that good conquers evil!

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Another Horrific Hate Crime

My heart and prayers go out to all the people injured and murdered Saturday night in Orlando, FL. Friends, partners, husbands and husbands, wives and wives, family — all of us grieve for your lost loved ones and those that were injured beyond repair. All of us condemn such evil and hate.

It amazes me how evil people have such easy access to deadly weapons. 

Rita and I were traveling in the Middle East last year and we had a number of friends who told us they were nervous about our travels there. “What about all the violence?” they asked. “Aren’t you afraid you might get shot or kidnapped?” No, we were not afraid. Citizens in the Middle East can’t purchase guns and weapons like people can here in the U.S. WE ARE THE MOST VIOLENT COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! This isn’t a scare tactic this is unfortunately the truth. Just look at the list of states where there have been mass shootings — and now Florida leads them all with 49 dead and more wounded. I stand with the LGBT community as we grieve for our lost loved ones and friends.

I continue to refuse to live in fear and I hope you’ll join me.

Please don’t give up — never ever give up!angel-figure-451923_960_720[1]

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The Reason There is Evil in Our World

Dear Evildoers:

You have it soooooooo easy! You have no rules to follow or limitations on what you can do. Everything you do, you can do without thought or feeling. There are no restrictions on how evil is too evil because it’s all evil. You’re not fraught with blame or guilt when you do something bad because, frankly, you just don’t care.

Living a GOOD LIFE is so much more difficult. We have to be careful for what we say and do. Our hearts must be open and honest. We must trGood vs. Evileat ourselves and others with respect. We choose love over fear and acts of kindness over evil deeds.


The difference between good and evil:

We choose peace — you choose war.
We choose development — you choose destruction.
We pray for wisdom — you prey on fools.
We act with concern — you act vicious.
We seek the light — you seek the darkness.
We laugh at ourselves — you laugh at us.
We use love to live — you use fear to scare.
We want equality — you want disharmony.
We use pain to motivate — you use pain to make us weak.
We take the hard road — you take the easy way.
We seek humility — you seek glory.
We use words to heal — you use words to hurt.
We don’t use you — you use us.
We change for the good — you just don’t change.
Being evil is so easy.
Being good is not.

Never give up being good!



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