Happy Valentine’s Day

The following article is gratefully reprinted with permission from Bruce Lipton, author of Think Beyond Your Genes.

Hello Dear Friends, Cultural Creatives and Seekers Everywhere,

By the time I was 40-years old, a dismal track record of failed relationships led me believe that love was a literary fabrication, a fantasy perpetuated by Hollywood. Regardless, missing that fictional experience did not remove hope for me, for I felt a “need” to continue my quest for a relationship.

In the mid 80’s, I found myself on a Caribbean island, with a wonderful high salaried teaching position, living in a fabulous villa with pool on a private beach facing sunsets over the sea. Wow! I was in possession of the most fabulous pick-up line, “Hey, __(fill the blank)__, why don’t you come and hang-out in my Caribbean villa.” While I tried it a few times and it never worked, I did not give up.

One day, at the island’s yacht club, I met a lovely single woman that was sailing through the Caribbean with friends. After sharing lunch and a few drinks, I hopefully dropped my pick-up line. After a few moments of silence, she looked me in the eye and responded, “I can’t be with you … you are too needy.” While it momentarily knocked the wind out of me, I truthfully responded, “Thank you, I needed that!”

On the beach walk home, I pondered her life-shaking response. Too needy? I had health, money, a great job, an outrageous villa for a home. Over and over in my mind, I thought, “How come I can’t be happy with all the wonderful things I already have?” Rather than bemoaning the things I didn’t have, I began to focus on, and appreciate, the “gifts” I already had.

In a short time, I was so busy enjoying my life that I no longer missed the need for a “partner.” In the process something magical happened, I began to love myself. Previous to this time, when I saw myself in the mirror, I would rattle off a litany of my self-perceived faults. Thoughts that I now recognize were self-sabotaging subconscious programs acquired in my far-less-than-ideal childhood. In a short time, I was able to look at my image and appreciate the positive characteristics I had acquired in my life.

In the process of rewriting my subconscious beliefs, replacing negative programs with positive affirmations, I experienced a magical transformation. Once I learned to love myself, life magically transformed from purgatory to Heaven-on-Earth. Interestingly, not “needing” a partner led to an opportunity where many wonderful potential partners came into my life. The success of this transformation is expressed in the 20 years of experiencing the Honeymoon Effect with my life partner, Margaret.

The lesson is profound: To experience LOVE in this world, we must first LOVE ourselves. Otherwise, our relationships are co-dependent in which we are dependent on the other partner for providing the love we seek. Interestingly, in belief-change programs in which I have participated, between 80 and 90% of all participants would not test positive for the belief, “I love myself.”

For this Valentine’s Day, I wish for all of you that you can stand in front of a mirror, not be self-critical, and honestly acknowledge “I love myself.” Once your energy field is vibrating in the frequency of LOVE, through harmonic resonance you will find yourself immersed in a world of peace, harmony and, of course, LOVE.


With Love & Light,

It’s My Birthday!

Hi Wellness Readers:

Today is my birthday and it’s -10 degrees outside. My birthday lunch plans were rescheduled due to the extreme cold. Does this bother me? No, because I’ve learned that birthdays come and go but my life experiences will last forever. For instance . . .

Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer and given a six percent chance of survival. As dreadful as that sounds, I survived. The past 12 years have been a blessing to me and I will never take these years of life for granted. I’ve learned more about myself and this world than I ever dreamed. My greatest blessing was that I had the resilience to survive and see my wedding day! I am grateful for this miracle.

Yes, my wedding day is a miracle. I lived long enough to watch as our Minnesota governor sign the “Love is the law” legislation on May 14, 2013, making marriage legal for same sex partners. My wife, Rita, was at my side while I went through surgeries after surgeries, chemotherapy, two near death experiences — all to heal from cancer. And she is still by my side as life entertains and baffles us.

I’m grateful for this birthday today to remind me of all the people and things I hold dear. I’m a fortunate woman with a blistering past, but today I am whole and healed. Thank you Divine Spirit for all the good people in my life and the immense love that I feel every day.

I didn’t give up because I believe in love, truth, healing, and hope.


I’m in a Funk!

Hi Never Give Up Institute Blog Readers:

I so apologize for not updating my blog site for a while. I’ve been in a funk lately — yes, it happens to all of us. I’ve started a new novel and I’m thrilled to be back in the land of fiction. I’m resorting to fiction because, frankly, reality is too scary for me. Every morning I search the newspaper headlines for some hope that our world isn’t going down the drain. But, alas, the news is all about what we can’t do rather then what we can do.

I attended the Women’s March in January in St. Paul, MN. I was there to add my presence to the six million people (my alternate fact) who feel the funk like I do. It was an amazing day! We were surrounded by a peaceful recognition that our country is seriously in trouble. And, our MN legislators know it, too. I found several hours of solidarity with people who believe in hope and not fear. If we want something to change we often must fight for it. I’m a funk fighter.

My calendar today has the quote: “There is so much that [the Divine Spirit] wants to show you, but your fear gets in the way. Give it to [her], right here, right now.” And this is what I’m going to do right here, right now. I understand now that my funk is really fear and I need to find a sense of hope. I’m glad to have my calendar to help me understand my feelings. So here I go . . .

I LOVE my country! I LOVE my freedom! I LOVE my friends and family! I LOVE my life! I LOVE my wife and dog!!! And, I LOVE the Divine Spirit for protecting me from fear!

Okay, I feel so much better. I hope you do, too.


Reviving My Soul

Okay, I admit I lost my soul after last year’s election day. We didn’t reach the outcomes I wanted, and I didn’t see how I could possibly live in a country where misogyny and predator behavior is lauded. I even stopped praying. I gave up the hope that our world was being watched over and protected, and that right is always right. Dark clouds seemed to be everywhere and I knew I wasn’t alone in my feelings and fears.

Then I opened a 2017 calendar I got for Christmas. The quote for the day read, “Don’t be afraid. The Great Spirit loves you. And she has heard your prayer.” 

WOW! Was my prayer really heard? The quote prodded my soul and I began to feel love trickle into my being. I spent 40 days and 40 nights in terror and now I  was told to be unafraid. What am I afraid of? Of course, it’s always the things I have no control over, like hatred, abuse, and ignorance. I only have control over me! So, it’s time for me to stop being afraid and to start living again. I need to start today and take small steps in reviving my soul.

I hope you will take today and revive your soul, too. Fear can’t exist where love does. Choose to love yourself and others — even if they don’t have the same beliefs as you. Maybe they are trying to teach us something new. If we turn away we may never see the true miracle.

It’s a new year — zoom, zoom your soul!

And, never give up!


Guest Blogger: The Spirit of Making Love

[Damiian Mario Lang is in my writer’s group. He shared this writing with us and I was so moved I asked him for permission to reprint it here. He thankfully agreed. I ask that you read his words with the love he wrote them with and with an open soul.]

Damiian's Car
Damiian’s Car

The spirit of Making Love is in the heart of the human being. There are so many more of us now, aching, reaching out, speaking up, connecting, and expressing this spirit of our hearts. It’s an evolutionary surge, a revolution of emotional exuberance. This emotional awakening is a rapids flowing into a massive integrity of loving kindness.  

One of the beautiful things about this emotional exuberance is that it is pushing the old traditional beliefs up to the surface, exposing them for the no longer functional ways of relating. Take Donald Trump, please, somebody take him and love him into loving himself. He represents the old crusty painfully wrong dysfunctional way of relating — the dying patriarchy. People have moved on from this abusive dark age mentality. It’s clear we are seeing him for what he is, a misguided, deeply wounded, reptilian brain dominated human. The collective consciousness will not allow this kind of perspective to live much longer. This is beautiful! This is a natural course of evolution. We evolve involuntarily. Our hearts are the center of our spiritual connection to the larger mystery of the cosmos. Mental power without heart tends to strengthen the ego. We are becoming more emotionally aware, braver than before, less tolerant of abuses that are clearly not progress. It is this surge, this bravery, this awakening emotionally that is happening across this country that is at the core of Making Love!  

Your ability to choose to open your heart is the healing we all need. Your inner world is a priority over the outer world. When that awareness hits you, you begin to know and understand how the universe operates within the human being. When you start to accept your feelings as meaningful ingredients rather than scary unwanted disturbances, your heart grows. By putting attention on your heart, which is your emotional field of play, you start a habit of feeling and feeling leads to knowing. We have been taught that our mental powers are the best — #1. When we start learning how to live with our opening hearts, we come to realize that being the best or #1 is not as important as a strong courageous integrity of love. By integrity I mean a container, we are containers of love. We have been taught that love is soft, squishy, girly, pie in the sky, undefinable and basically just a fleeting feeling. The premise was that Love happens in fairy tales, movies, books, poems but not in the real world. Love is real. Love is real in the world because it’s real in me. And because I have come to have faith in love I see it and feel it and experience it out in the world.  Love lives inside your heart. Love is so strong and constant it’s like a raging waterfall endlessly pouring forth, constantly beating against our hearts…our fearful, scared, hurt, wounded, tired, abused, lonely hearts. I’ve come to know that the saying is true, we are either choosing fear or love in any given moment.  

Love is expansive, it grows and blossoms, it’s gloriously beautiful, radiantly warm, overwhelmingly powerful. What’s in our hearts causes us to surrender in a puddle of utter release. In those moments we feel the oneness, the integrity that all of us are connected by. Love is our essential being. If your heart is hardened it’s really difficult to initiate heartfelt anything, including valuing human life. Healing needs to happen. Love heals.  

The littlest gesture of kindness and friendliness in public is healing. Wearing colorful friendly clothing in public is a kind gesture. Being fully present out in public is a revolutionary act of loving your self. People love people who are fully present. It shows they care.  Caring is love in motion. People all over this country are opening their hearts and starting to care. The emotional world of humans is just beginning to be explored and comprehended. It’s powerful beyond our knowing but it is not a power to be afraid of. We do know that this thing we call our heart has shown us consistent kindness and caring. Trust your heart. Trust the essence of love that you are.   

Although I am male by definition of my body, I see myself as a fluctuating, persistently balancing, emotional field of energy, intelligently conscious field of energy, contained in a physical form of energy, governed by an essentially invisible mysterious life source, with the capacity to make real what’s imagined. It’s my belief that my heart, my emotional field of power is my true north.  

I am a feeler and I play on the feeling team and we are undefeated, there’s no contest. Go team Go!! Love, love, love!!! 

In gratitude and honor of all loving human beings, 

Damiian Mario Lang

Who is Damiian Mario Lang?

Damiian Mario Lang lives in Minneapolis. He has a loving history of theatre, creative writing, and leadership experience. He loves mountain biking at Theodore Wirth Parkway, hanging out with friends, strangers, dogs, and wild places where nature is abundant. Damiian is currently finishing a book and exploring the urban scene of connection. Truth be told he’s been daydreaming about cross-country skiing since May, which is when he arrived here from Grass Valley California.  Damiian is a native of Dinkytown and would happily blow your mind with stories of the 1970s if you so inquire.  His door is open to all depths of connecting, playing, learning, and growing.   Contact him at:  damiianmario@gmail.com.

Thanks, Damiian, for sharing your feelings and for never giving up on love.